Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Cruel Summer

Well, we are having a cruel, brutal summer. The heat where I live got up to 107 degrees today with the heat index (the heat index is the heat with the humidity and wind/breeze factored in. Today the temperature was 100 degrees, but the high humidity and nonexistent breeze made it feel like 107 degrees. It was pretty terrible.)

 Now is a good time to stay indoors and enjoy a cold drink. Americans will often drink beer, but if you don't drink alcohol, lemonade is a good choice. In America, we make lemonade very simply--a cup of lemon juice, half a cup plus an eighth of a cup (which you measure by filling a quarter cup measure halfway) of white sugar, and eight cups of water--usually you just add ice and fill the pitcher to the brim.) Then stir. Refreshing, delicious lemonade.

We also make sun tea by taking a large glass jar and putting cold water in it with several teabags. Then we put the jar on a windowsill or on a deck outdoors. The sun heated through the glass brews the tea. Some people simply drink it unsweetened, but in the Deep South they put sugar in it and make Sweet Tea--a Southern staple in hot weather. Some people also like lemon juice in their tea. These are good nonalcoholic American treats for when it gets very hot like this.

Mostly we stay in our air conditioned homes and try to take it easy. If you'd like to talk sweet tea, lemonade, American food, any other point of American culture, or ESL and accent reduction (or perhaps to get your FREE phone consult and your FREE no obligation trial lesson) call me at (732) 807-5424. I'd love to hear from you.

'Til then, stay cool and hydrated.