Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another video--the difference between /w/ and /v/

Hi everybody!  Got another video for you;  this one explains the difference between /w/ and /v/. 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Video: When the /tt/ sound is pronounced like a lightly articulated /d/ sound

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Well, I finally got a videocamera.   At first I didn't think it worked but then I realized that I just needed to replace the batteries.   WOWIE KAZOWIE!  What a difference.  I am going to be shooting a lot of video now and posting it here and on my You Tube channel, which you can find here:  David Berlin's ESL YouTube Channel.

I hope this video is helpful to some of you.  Its about when the /t/ or /tt/ sound is pronounced like a lightly artculated /d/ sound.  I believe there is also a podcast on this topic on the right hand side of this screen.  Podcasts on my blog are working again.

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All right?  All right.   Take it easy, you guys, 'til next time...see ya!