Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Vids on YouTube, God Left The Fridge Door Open

Well, my goodness.  It looks like God left the fridge door open.  We keep getting nice warm weather, and then winter comes and drags us back.  Spring sprung late this year.  Wonder if we'll be getting chilly again!

(By the way, comments like the comment above about the weather are a *good* way to make small talk.  Just saying, "Its hot outside" *isn't* a good way to make small talk in America.  Reason:  Statements like the one above have a lot of detail to them.   They are interesting statements and opinions about the weather.  They have a lot of feeling and emotion.  People's opinions and emotions are very important to Americans.  Look at our talk shows on TV and our TV shows like "The View" and "Good Morning America" and our American football commentators and our how--to shows--even our sitcoms are loaded with our cultural opinions, beliefs, and emotions.)

Check out these videos of me--one of me eating some bangin' chicken biryani, cooked by Mani, the mother of one of my students:

Also, check out this video of me eating a special kind of dosha made with bean sprouts, also made by Mani.  I ate this with upma.

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'Til next time!