Tuesday, August 23, 2016

End of Summer, Beginning of Fall: TIME FOR LESSONS!

Well, summer is ending, and that awful heat seems to be going with it, thank G-d.   The temperature here by the coast in New Jersey is much, much nicer now although I'm sure we'll have a couple more hot days before Autumn  comes in and the leaves start falling!

Now I know many of you sometimes hold back--you see my videos, you see my phone number and you think to yourself, "I'd like to speak clearly and naturally so Americans understand me, and I'd like to learn better English and American culture--but really, what is this guy really like?  Could I work with him?"

I am a very, very kind teacher and my style is firm but progress oriented.  What that means is that I'm non-judgemental and I never laugh at or make fun of my students.    I understand the problems that come with being a new American and not understanding the culture here and the language and the way we live.  Its okay!  We can talk about that, I can explain it to you--and along the way I can help you to learn and pronounce American English better.

I've been doing this for almost twenty years now, since 1998.     I understand your issues.  And I know how to help.    Why don't you give me a call today, we'll talk about it.  My number is (732) 807-5424.

Now, onwards to a video.    Check this one out.   There is an expression in American English:  to "shoot down" an idea or to "put the kibosh" on an idea--what it basically means it to say that someone can't do what they want to do.  So for instance if Charlie wants to have the company party at a local bar, Prabash, his supervisor might "shoot down" the idea or "put the kibosh" on it by telling Charlie its a no-go, he can't do that.   Its pretty simple.    Another example might be if Joe wants to book big name entertainment for the Christmas party, for instance Third Eye Blind, Kiran his supervisor might "put the kibosh" on that idea.   It just means that Kiran will tell him he can't do it.

All right?  All right.    If you are interested in further American idioms, check out my American Idiom of the Day Twitter Feed and if you are interested in ESL/accent/American cultural understanding lessons, check out the David Berlin's ESL and Accent Reduction Training website or you can check out David Berlin's ESL and Accent Reduction Training YouTube Channel for more tips and tricks on reducing your accent and pronouncing American English properly, and for more American cultural tips.

Or just call me at (732) 807-5424 or hit me up on Skype at david.berlin.esl  all right?  All right!

'til next time...

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