Friday, July 7, 2017

A Useful American Idiom: "Second Nature"

Hi everyone!  It's BRUTALLY hot and humid out (or, "yoomid" as they say in Brooklyn)--ninety-six degrees Fahrenheit and 99% humidity!  Phhhheeeeyew!   Remember that in this country we  use "Fahrenheit" as the temperature scale and not "Celsius" or "Centigrade" which is what you probably use in your home country.

Walking down  the street in New Jersey right now--you practically have to swim down the street!  Its pretty awful.   Thank G-d for air conditioning!  I don't know what I'd do without it.   And we aren't even into the worst high heat of the summer--that won't come until the end of July or the beginning of August, where the temperatures on the Jersey Shore, where I live, will regularly break a hundred degrees.

In any case.   I made and posted a new video--this one is about a great American idiom:  "Second nature".  The idiom "second nature" as in "its second nature to him" means it comes easily, it comes naturally, he does it easily and naturally and without difficulty.  Check out the video here:

All right?  All right.  I hope you find this idiom useful in your daily speech; its a very common one that Americans use pretty constantly.

Also remember that I have an American Idiom of the Day twitter feed and David Berlin's American Accent and ESL Training webpage if you are interested in taking ESL or accent reduction lessons.   You can call me at (732) 807-5424 to discuss or hit me up on Skype at -- I am always happy to work with international students.

Okay?  okay.  Have a great summer, take it easy, this is your friendly neighborhood ESL and accent reduction tutor, David Berlin, SIGNING OFF--see ya!

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